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Atiq Ahmed Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More

Atiq Ahmed: The Notorious Indian Gangster and Politician

Atiq Ahmed (10 August 1962 – 15 April 2023) was a controversial figure in Indian politics, known for his dual roles as a gangster and a politician. Despite his criminal background, he managed to secure positions in both the Indian Parliament and the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, primarily affiliated with the Samajwadi Party. His life story is a blend of crime, power, and tragedy.

Early Life and Personal Details

Born into poverty in 1962 in Prayagraj, Atiq Ahmed hailed from a humble background. His father worked as a horse-cart driver, indicative of the economic challenges his family faced from the outset. Ahmed married Shaista Parveen and had five sons, with his family life existing amidst the backdrop of his tumultuous career. His brother, Khalid Azim, also dabbled in politics, serving as an ex-MLA from the Samajwadi Party.

Entry into Politics

Ahmed’s foray into politics began in 1989 when he won a MLA seat in Allahabad West as an independent candidate. Over the years, he switched party affiliations multiple times, demonstrating a knack for survival in the political arena. He served as a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament for Phulpur and contested various elections despite being embroiled in numerous criminal cases.

Participation from Prison

One of the most striking aspects of Ahmed’s political career was his ability to participate in elections even while incarcerated. He contested the 2012 Uttar Pradesh elections from jail, symbolizing the extent of his influence and notoriety. Despite facing legal challenges and allegations of criminal behavior, he continued to garner support from certain segments of the population.

Electoral History

Throughout his tumultuous career, Ahmed managed to secure electoral victories, serving as an MLA five times and as a Lok Sabha MP once. His ability to navigate the political landscape amidst criminal allegations speaks volumes about the complexities of Indian politics, where factors beyond merit often determine electoral outcomes.

Criminal Allegations and Controversies

Ahmed’s political career was overshadowed by a litany of criminal cases, totaling over 160 at one point. From his early days of stealing coal to his involvement in extortion, kidnapping, and murder, his journey was marked by violence and lawlessness. The infamous murder of his political rival, Raju Pal, further cemented his reputation as a gangster-politician.

Tragic End

The life of Atiq Ahmed came to a dramatic and violent end on 15 April 2023, when he was assassinated by three gunmen while being escorted for a court-mandated medical checkup. The brazen attack, captured live on television, shocked the nation and underscored the perils associated with his criminal connections. Despite being surrounded by police personnel, Ahmed and his brother fell victim to the assailants, highlighting the complicity that pervaded his world.Atiq Ahmed

Legacy and Controversy

Atiq Ahmed’s legacy remains fraught with controversy, symbolizing the nexus between crime and politics in India. His rise to power, despite his criminal background, raises questions about the efficacy of law enforcement and the integrity of the political system. His death, while emblematic of the violence that plagued his life, serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked power and ambition.

In conclusion, Atiq Ahmed’s life represents a dark chapter in Indian politics, characterized by corruption, violence, and impunity. While his demise may have put an end to his reign of terror, the scars he left on the political landscape endure as a reminder of the challenges inherent in combating the criminalization of politics in India.Atiq Ahmed

How many sons does ATIQ Ahmed have?

Ahmed tied the knot with Shaista Parveen, and together they were blessed with five sons: Umar (born in 1998), Ali (born in 2002), Asad (born in 2003 and passed away in 2023), Ahzam (born in 2005), and Abaan (born in 2008). Additionally, Ahmed’s brother, Khalid Azim, known as Ashraf, served as a former MLA representing the Samajwadi Party.

Who was Chand Baba in Allahabad?

“Before Ahmed rose to prominence, Ilahi held the title of the most feared gangster during the late 1970s and early 1980s,” stated Abhay Awasthi, a social scientist and former president of the Allahabad student union, who firmly believes that Ilahi served as Ahmed’s mentor. “In 1986, Ilahi carried out his inaugural murder by slaying a revered seer, thus earning himself the moniker ‘Chand Baba’.”

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