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Ananya Das IAS: IIT Graduate, Cracked UPSC in First Attempt

Ananya Das IAS: A Trailblazer in Civil Services

Ananya Das IAS, an epitome of dedication and resilience, is an Indian Administrative Service officer hailing from the vibrant state of Odisha. Born on June 1, 1991, in Bhubaneswar, she has carved a niche for herself in the realm of civil services. Currently serving as the Sambalpur Collector in the Gujarat cadre, her journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to public service.

Education of Ananya Das IAS:

Ananya Das laid the foundation of her academic journey at Stewart School in Cuttack, where she completed her primary and secondary education. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to Lady Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in economics. Further fueling her intellectual aspirations, she pursued a postgraduate degree in economics from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics.

Early Career and Transition to Civil Services of Ananya Das IAS:

Initially embarking on a career as an economist at the Planning Commission of India, Ananya Das soon discovered her calling for civil services. In 2014, she took the plunge and appeared for the UPSC examination, a decision that would alter the course of her life. Astoundingly, she cracked the exam in her maiden attempt, securing the 16th rank in the country.

After completing her training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie, Ananya Das commenced her journey as an Assistant Collector in Dhenkanal district, Odisha. Subsequently, she served as the Sub-Collector of Berhampur, Ganjam district, where her passion for education and community development became apparent.

Pioneering Initiatives in Education:

Ananya Das’s tenure as the Sub-Collector of Berhampur was marked by her relentless efforts to enhance the education system. She spearheaded numerous initiatives to provide better facilities and education to students, leaving an indelible mark on the district. Her innovative programs aimed at improving the quality of education in government schools showcased her visionary approach towards societal development.

Director of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD):

In 2018, Ananya Das IAS assumed the role of Director of the Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) department in Andhra Pradesh. Her impactful contributions led to the development of several urban areas in the state. She played a pivotal role in the implementation of the Smart Cities Mission, showcasing her administrative prowess and commitment to modernizing urban infrastructure.

District Collector in Challenging Times:

The year 2020 brought a new challenge for Ananya Das as she was appointed as the District Collector of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh. Faced with the dual challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and floods, Das displayed exemplary leadership. Under her guidance, the district efficiently managed the crises, providing relief to the affected populace. Her ability to navigate through adversity underscored her resilience and administrative acumen.

Personal Life and Relationships:

Ananya Das’s personal life has been a subject of public interest. Initially married to Abdaal M. Akhtar, an IAS officer from the Odisha cadre, she later got divorced. Presently, she is married to Chanchal Rana, the Bolangir Collector, hailing from Odisha. Chanchal Rana’s journey from NIT Silchar to securing the seventh rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination mirrors Ananya’s commitment to excellence.

Ananya Das IAS stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring civil servants and individuals striving for societal betterment. Her dedication to education, urban development, and crisis management showcases a multifaceted approach to public service. As the Sambalpur Collector, she continues to impact positive change, leaving an enduring legacy in the annals of civil services. Ananya Das’s journey reminds us that true leaders emerge not just from triumphs but from their ability to navigate through challenges with resilience and grace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Ananya Das IAS ?

In 2015, Ananya Das emerged as the top-performing officer in the Gujarat cadre of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Achieving the prestigious state topper status in the UPSC Civil Services Examination that year, she has showcased her exceptional capabilities from the outset. Her notable stint as the Commissioner of Cuttack Municipal Corporation added to her repertoire of administrative experiences. Presently, Ananya Das holds the esteemed position of Collector and District Magistrate (DM) in Sambalpur, where she continues to contribute significantly to public service and administration.

Is Ananya Das IAS married?

Yes, She married IAS Chanchal Rana in May 2023

Which state is Ananya Das from?

She is from Odisha

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Ananya Das IAS
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