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Daud Ibrahim Biography

Dawood Ibrahim, a name that strikes fear and intrigue in the hearts of many, is one of the most notorious and elusive criminals in the world. Born on December 26, 1955, in Khed, a small town in Maharashtra, India, Dawood’s life has been shrouded in mystery and controversy. From his early days to his rise as a powerful underworld don, here is a glimpse into the life of this enigmatic figure.

Early Life and Background:

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born into a Konkani Muslim family in Khed, Maharashtra. His father, Ibrahim Kaskar, was a police constable, and Dawood grew up in Dongri, a crowded and impoverished neighborhood in Mumbai. The Ibrahim family faced financial struggles, and Dawood’s early experiences in the tough streets of Dongri played a significant role in shaping his future.

In his youth, Dawood was known for his street-smart attitude and quick wit. However, circumstances led him to choose a path that would ultimately make him a household name for all the wrong reasons. Dawood got involved in petty crimes and gradually became associated with local gangs operating in Mumbai.

Rise to Power:

Dawood’s ascent in the criminal underworld began in the 1970s when he started working with the notorious Haji Mastan gang. His intelligence and cunning nature quickly caught the attention of the underworld, and he soon found himself in a position of influence. Over time, Dawood formed his gang, known as “D-Company,” and began consolidating power in the Mumbai underworld.

The 1980s marked a significant turning point in Dawood’s criminal career. The communal riots that erupted in Mumbai in 1984 provided the perfect breeding ground for organized crime. Dawood allegedly played a role in the smuggling and distribution of arms during this period, further solidifying his status as a powerful figure in the underworld.

International Notoriety:

Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal empire expanded beyond the borders of India, reaching international dimensions. He became involved in various illegal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, and contract killings. Dawood’s connections with global terrorist networks, such as his alleged ties to the 1993 Mumbai bombings, earned him a spot on the list of most-wanted criminals.

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim sought refuge in Pakistan, where he continued to orchestrate criminal activities while maintaining a low profile. The Indian government has repeatedly sought his extradition, but diplomatic and political challenges have hindered these efforts.

Personal Life:

Dawood’s personal life is a closely guarded secret, and details about his relationships and family are scarce. He married Mehjabeen Shaikh, and the couple is said to have several children. However, due to Dawood’s secretive and fugitive lifestyle, information about his family life remains largely speculative.

The elusive gangster has managed to keep his personal affairs away from the public eye, with only occasional reports surfacing about his alleged whereabouts or activities. The secrecy surrounding Dawood’s personal life adds an air of mystery to his already enigmatic persona.

Controversies and Allegations:

Dawood Ibrahim has been linked to numerous criminal activities and controversies throughout his criminal career. The most infamous among these is his alleged involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bombings, which claimed the lives of over 250 people and injured thousands. The bombings were a retaliation for the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and were orchestrated to instill fear and communal tensions.

The Indian government has accused Dawood of masterminding the attacks, and he is believed to have found refuge in Pakistan since then. The United States and the United Nations have designated him as a global terrorist, imposing sanctions on him and freezing his assets.

Legacy and Impact:

Dawood Ibrahim’s legacy is one of infamy and terror. His criminal empire, D-Company, continues to operate in the shadows, involved in various illicit activities. The impact of his actions, especially the 1993 Mumbai bombings, still lingers in the collective memory of the people.

Despite being a wanted criminal, Dawood remains elusive, managing to evade law enforcement for decades. His ability to navigate the complex web of international politics and maintain a low profile has earned him a reputation as one of the world’s most wanted fugitives.


Dawood Ibrahim’s life is a tale of crime, power, and evasion. From his humble beginnings in the streets of Dongri to becoming one of the most feared criminals globally, his journey has left an indelible mark on the history of organized crime. The controversies surrounding his alleged involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bombings and his elusive nature have only added to the mystique surrounding Dawood Ibrahim.

As law enforcement agencies continue their pursuit of this elusive figure, Dawood’s story remains a dark chapter in the annals of crime. His life serves as a stark reminder of the complexities involved in tackling transnational organized crime and the challenges faced by authorities in bringing such figures to justice. Dawood Ibrahim’s notoriety is likely to endure, leaving behind a legacy that is both feared and remembered in equal measure.

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