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Kumar Vishwas, originally named Vishwas Kumar Sharma, was born on 10 February 1970, into a middle-class family in the quaint town of Pilkhuwa in Uttar Pradesh, India. He spent his early years studying at Lala Ganga Sahay School in his hometown. His father, Chandra Pal Sharma, worked as a lecturer at R.S.S. Degree College, and his mother, Rama Sharma, was a dedicated homemaker. Vishwas, the youngest of his siblings with four brothers and a sister, grew up amidst the simplicity of middle-class life.

Vishwas’s educational journey took a turn when he entered Rajputana Regiment Inter College. Later, under the influence of his father’s aspirations, he enrolled at Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College with the intention of becoming an engineer. However, engineering failed to capture his interest, prompting him to change his path. He decided to pursue his passion for Hindi literature, a choice that ultimately led him to earn a doctoral degree in the subject.

During his academic pursuits, while immersed in the world of literature, Vishwas made a significant decision that would shape his identity as a poet. He adopted the name Kumar Vishwas, signifying his poetic persona. This change was not merely a nomenclatural alteration but a transformation that marked his commitment to the art of poetry.

In 1994, Vishwas commenced his professional journey as a lecturer at Indra Gandhi PG College in ‘Pilibanga,’ Rajasthan. Subsequently, he shared his knowledge of Hindi literature at Lala Lajpat Rai College. His passion for poetry and literature, combined with his gift for eloquence, soon garnered attention and admiration from his audience.

As his reputation as a poet grew, Vishwas ventured into the world of politics. In 2012, he became an integral part of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), a political entity dedicated to the cause of the common man. Vishwas embraced this new role as a volunteer worker, channeling his dedication to social change through political activism. His association with the AAP highlighted his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Beyond his political endeavors, Vishwas showcased his versatility as an entertainer. He became the host of a comedy show titled “KV Sammelan” on the Aaj Tak television channel, a platform that allowed him to connect with a wider audience. The show, which debuted on 29 September 2018, not only displayed his sense of humor but also served as a testament to his ability to engage and entertain people.

In addition to his television ventures, Vishwas continued to mesmerize audiences with his poetic prowess. He frequently took the stage, captivating listeners with his soul-stirring poetry in Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit. His performances were not limited to traditional poetry; he seamlessly incorporated his observations on contemporary issues facing India. Vishwas’s eloquence resonated not only within the borders of his homeland but also reverberated across international shores. He graced poetry recitations and events in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, and Japan, leaving an indelible mark on the global literary scene.

Kumar Vishwas’s journey, marked by his dedication to literature, his foray into politics, and his entertaining ventures, epitomizes the spirit of a multifaceted individual. Through his words, he has inspired and enlightened, and through his actions, he has brought about positive change. His ability to bridge the worlds of poetry, politics, and entertainment showcases the depth of his talent and the breadth of his influence, making him a revered figure in the realms of literature and public service.

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