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Swati Mishra’s Bhajan ‘Ram Ayenge’ Captivates Prime Minister Modi’s Attention

Chapra, Bihar, January 20, 2024 – Swati Mishra, a talented singer hailing from Chapra, Bihar, has recently become the talk of the town after her devotional bhajan ‘Ram Ayenge’ caught the attention of none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Modi’s Social Media Praise

Prime Minister Modi took to his official social media account on ‘X’ to share a video of her soulful rendition of ‘Ram Ayenge.’ In his post, the Prime Minister expressed his admiration for Mishra’s devotional bhajan, stating, “This devotional bhajan of Swati Mishra ji to welcome Shri Ram Lalla is mesmerising.”

A Viral Sensation

Swati Mishra uploaded the bhajan on her YouTube channel three months ago, and it has already garnered over 47 million views. The Prime Minister’s endorsement catapulted the bhajan to new heights, leading to an unprecedented surge in popularity on social media.

Who is Swati Mishra?

Swati Mishra, currently based in Mumbai, operates her own YouTube channel and actively creates content on various social media platforms. Originally from Chapra, Bihar, Mishra has made a name for herself as a versatile singer and performer. She has showcased her talent as a freelancer at various events, captivating audiences with her melodious voice and devotion.

‘Ram Aayenge’ – A Musical Masterpiece

The bhajan ‘Ram Ayenge’ is a dedication to Lord Ram, and Swati Mishra’s rendition has struck a chord with millions of viewers. The divine lyrics and Mishra’s enchanting voice have made the bhajan a viral sensation, drawing widespread acclaim for its spiritual essence.

Swati Mishra’s Rise to Prominence

Her journey from Chapra, Bihar, to the bustling city of Mumbai reflects her commitment to her passion for music. Her ability to connect with the audience through her soul-stirring performances has not only earned her a massive online following but has also captured the attention of influential figures like Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Social Media Impact

The Prime Minister’s endorsement has significantly amplified the reach of ‘Ram Ayenge,’ making it a cultural phenomenon on social media. Her YouTube channel has experienced an influx of subscribers and viewers, cementing her status as a rising star in the world of devotional music.

In conclusion, Swati Mishra’s ‘Ram Ayenge’ has not only become a musical masterpiece but has also etched her name in the hearts of millions, thanks to the commendation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mishra’s journey from Bihar to Mumbai serves as an inspiring tale of dedication, talent, and the power of devotional music in transcending boundaries.

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    Your article is totally inaccurate. You are using information from Swati Mishra who is based out of USA. She is the singer of faza bhi hai jawan jawan. And you are also using information about her education in USA. You are mixing her with another swati mishra India who is singing bhajans. You are also using photos of two different people in the same article. Kindly delete this article or make the necessary corrections.

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